Top technology at every step in the process

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We master the entire injection molding process

Experience & expertise in many sectors

Well over 60 years of experience in injection molding and in the core industries of automotive and mechatronics have established a concentration of expertise in plastics at Bauser. For optimum functionality and noise reduction, quality and delivery reliability throughout the entire process, each detail must mesh with all the others – just like gearing components. 

This is why Bauser leaves nothing to chance:

  • Advice and pre-design. 
  • Simulation and design. 
  • Gear design and optimizing of gear geometry. 
  • Production, quality assurance, logistics. 

Through its network, Bauser provides all of the above through processes that gear perfectly with one another.

Drive comfort & performance

Bauser for the automotive industry

Limited installation space, ultimate demands on performance and noise, weight and economy: The automotive industry proverbially keeps gear development moving. Since 1963, Bauser has acted as a partner for leading suppliers to the automotive industry. Which is why our products can now be found in virtually every single automobile. The range extends from seat adjustment to window regulators, from the throttle valve to the fuel tank system, and from headlight beam adjustment to the sliding roof. Bauser is what drives them.

New technologies. New possibilities.

Bauser for e-mobility

Mobility is of immense value to people. With its products and innovative powers, Bauser delivers answers to the requirements of your customers. All linked of course, at times of change, with new technologies to reflect ecological and economic priorities ... and with sustainability. Together with our network and our partners, we are working on mobility topics for leisure time, such as the e-bike, but also urban automobiles, and in the process are helping to chart a course for the future.

Plastics can be paired to form composite parts that deliver reliable functions in their systems with enhanced power transmission. We produce hybrid components to high quality standards, wherever possible in fully automated operations up to the loading of components – if so desired – in your own packaging units.

Noise-optimized. Reliable. Durable.

Home Automation & Professional Craftsmanship

Coffee machines making too much noise? Clattering roller blinds? Enough of that! Bauser has already proven how plastic gears and precision components can be installed successfully in a vast array of applications, including water meters, triangular grinders, and drives.

The outcome: Less noisy and they function better. By way of example – through the development of a new kind of plastic – it was possible to achieve a 30% increase in the strength of garage door drives.

An A - Z of plastic precision components

Bauser for other sectors

Noise-optimized transmissions have added value. This is precisely why plastic gears and plastic precision components made by Bauser can be found in many other sectors and applications: For e-bikes and precision mechanisms, conveying technology and mechanical engineering, with height-adjustable desks with auto-inhibits for ergonomic office work. For everyone who wishes to combine technology, creativity, and practical added value.

Quality is not a random event


As a long-standing and multiple award-winning solutions partner, in particular for the automotive industry, we can of course provide all of the relevant forms of certification.