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Gearing together

Gearing together

Werner Bauser GmbH: Get to know us.

What does ’gearing together’ mean in practical terms? Which milestones can we look back upon? Where does this company operate? What are the most significant Facts & Figures and the central topics that we deal with?

Here, we inform you in comprehensive detail. Learn more about Bauser – Your developer, manufacturer, and partner for everything relating to high-end plastic gearing technology and precision components made of plastic.

Philosophy & Values

Success founded on principle: How gearing unites us

First and foremost, ’gearing together’ signifies partnership with employees, suppliers, and customers and it also means loyalty and team spirit. Secondly, this maxim also translates into Bauser succeeding every day and with every order in drawing together and combining a vast array of different aspects. In this way, we ’gear’ advanced technologies and creativity, bespoke shapes and reliable functions and we also devise appropriate solutions for challenging requirements.

Bauser supports you in a straightforward manner, even when things get complicated – as a one-stop shop.


Our history

Those who know where their roots lie also know where their future lies. A summary of the most defining moments for our company:

  • 1962: Company founded by Werner Bauser
  • 1963: Production of the first gears using plastic injection molding technology
  • 1975: New-build extending across 2,000 m2 of production floor space
  • 1986: First expansion at the site
  • 1999: Second expansion at the site
  • 2006: Completion of the third site expansion
  • 2006: Founding of the production location for non-automotive parts in Kalisz, Poland
  • 2007: Expansion of the inventory and logistics area
  • 2011: 180 employees, 10,700 m2 of production floor space 
  • 2015: Joint Venture with partner Shinsung Autotech in South Korea
  • 2017: Third site expansion, CO2-reducing measures and improvements in ventilation technology, air-conditioning, concrete core activation, and refrigeration technology
  • 2018: 200 employees, a total of 14,600 m2 of floor space
  • 2018: Commissioning of two 20 kVA ballasts to reduce power consumption
  • 2021: Commissioning of our first photovoltaic system to generate power to service our own needs
  • 2022: Commissioning of our second photovoltaic system, also to generate power to service our own needs
  • 2023: Investment in 5 fully-electric injection molding machines to further reduce CO2 emissions


Welcome to Wehingen, Kalisz, and Hwaseong

Ever since the company was founded back in 1962, Wehingen in southwestern Germany is where all the threads come together. Following huge investment over the last few years, Bauser has a location here that satisfies the aspirations of a modern and automated production facility. From design and simulation – with the Bauser highlights of gearing design and optimization of gear geometry – through to mold-building, production and logistics, every step in our processes is taken in-house. 

Since 2006, with our location in the Polish town of Kalisz, we have operated a subsidiary that assembles sub-assemblies (Non Automotive Parts) to tried-and-tested Bauser quality standards. 

Then, as a Joint Venture, our third location in the South Korean town of Hwaseong operates in a targeted manner for our customers in the Asian region.

Our company film

Even more about Bauser

Pictures often say more than words: we therefore let film records speak on our behalf. Enjoy an insight into Bauser with this, our first film, and learn more about how and where we are working for you. 

Would you like to learn even more about us? In that case, we really look forward to meeting you!

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